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Realogy IoT is the Internet of Things (IoT) enablement technology that connects it all. Regardless of the system, it is simple, powerful, reliable, predictable, capable and just plain fun to use.

From its admin interface to its hardware modules, Realogy IoT is designed to have an approachable simplicity that is retained at any system level and scale. Simplicity often implies reduced capability, but this is not the case with Realogy IoT. From the surface, there is very little complexity and the application requires no training. Open the hood, and you have a lot of horsepower at your disposal for just about any IoT enablement need. It's truly a simple technology to powerful engineering. Whether your IoT application is big or small, Realogy IoT remains reliable, predictable, and capable. Using it is a pure joy.





Highly applicable to systems big and small

Everything about the core is designed to apply. Realogy IoT is like a power tool for your IoT system, able to connect any sort of thing, at any scale, to any number of people, while remaining incredibly fast and flexible. Whether you have a 1-device system, or a system with hundreds of devices, Realogy IoT works the same way and remains stable, fast and easy to use.

Network that makes sense

Realogy IoT simulates an artificial neural network for devices, like a biological neural network or an AI-powered distributed system. There is no limit imposed by Realogy IoT to the number of nodes and relations in which this network can be defined. It is comfortable applying to large and complex system needs, and remains simple regardless of the system. Realogy IoT makes it easy to manage this network from the admin interface on your smartphone and computer.

No limits on things or design

Realogy IoT gives you the tools to get at your interconnected system, and you decide how to handle the connected things. In fact, Realogy IoT assumes nothing about the things and spaces you connect. Meaning, the sky is the limit and anything a designer can dream up is possible, down to the nooks and crannies of your spaces. You never have to design a program for Realogy IoT, and the technology won't impose any limitations upon your system design or the designer. Realogy IoT can connect boilers, air conditioners and any other thing and device you desire, and can serve as an excellent platform for building your own IoT services.

All devices are customisable devices

Devices are the components for individual actions of control functions, like a sensor to monitor the temperature or an actuator to open a door. In most IoT enablement technology (especially the programmer oriented ones), those device functions are not dictated ahead of time by the technology. This is not the case with Realogy IoT, as all devices are completely pre-programmed and flexible, user-customisable devices. There is no "coding program" to learn and work around, as there is nothing to "code" because all things come off-the-shelf. Devices can be as simple as assembling LEGO-like building blocks, but connecting plug-and-play electronics for the control functions as you see fit.

Modular device architecture that goes further

Realogy IoT comes with dozens of different electronic component types that can be added to each device as modules. While many IoT enabling device use a modular architecture, Realogy IoT takes the approach even further. The actuator-sensor interface of Realogy IoT is a set of modules built on top of the Realogy IoT core modules. Modules are not an afterthought or an extra, they are the device. As such, modules make more sense and are faster and simpler to work with than other IoT products.

Multi-purpose at its core

Need to IoT enable different things? All you have to do is to assemble the components of the connecting devices, and Realogy IoT takes care of the rest. Realogy IoT comes with an assortment of universally applicable actuator and sensor components, from relay switches to thermistors, so you can IoT enable practically everything you can image. Realogy IoT makes building and managing your diversified, connected world a simple task relative to other products you may have tried. It comes with device assembly and application instructions ready for all of your IoT enablement needs. It also come with a multi-functional service platform, enabling you to easily manage a large and variegated fleet of IoT devices from a single app.


Easy and enjoyable to enable with

Realogy IoT makes previously difficult projects just plain fun. It provides simple and enjoyable IoT enabling tools to work with your system or application, behaving as if all control functions in your system or application are already present, at your fingertips, ready for you to deliver. The installation is based on simple setup and mounting, so you don't have strange programming languages and digital electronics to learn. While some background in engineering helps with more complex tasks, it is not required to enable your IoT systems with Realogy IoT.

Pleasing for enablers and their clients

If you've ever used any IoT application before, Realogy IoT will be easy and familiar. The admin interface is straightforward and no-nonsense. Based on a one-to-one mapping, the network in the admin interface mirrors the network in your real space. For IoT enablers concerned about having to learn something new, Realogy IoT is always a breath of fresh air, because they already know and understand it from the get-go. Realogy IoT's user interface is always focused on the task at hand. For instance, if you are enabling an IoT device, then the tools present on the screen are all specific to that purpose, with no distractions. Realogy IoT is a technology that the enablers of IoT systems and applications always feel good about handing the keys over to the client precisely because it's so easy for them to use. Once a client uses Realogy IoT, they don't want to use anything else.

It's already familiar to enablers

If you're an electrician, a plumber, an architect, a decorator or a technical artist, Realogy IoT works the way you do, seamlessly integrating into your existing work tools and operating mode. There's no new digital skill to learn either, it's pure IoT enablement goodness. Your operating mode won't be hindered by Realogy IoT because it's built to adapt to your way of doing things, not the other way around. Whatever your work tools are, you'll find them complementary with Realogy IoT. Learn more about Realogy IoT for enablers

No maintenance: support for the long term

One of the problems with many IoT products is that they are full of holes and needing constant updates in order to work around various security issues. This is not the case with Realogy IoT. Unlike other products, you can install a Realogy IoT-powered system and then leave it for years without maintenance or updates (should that be the need). It's that reliable and secure, and has been since the beginning. When you update Realogy IoT, it's because you want to take advantage of some new feature, not because you are trying to avoid getting hacked.

Easy to upgrade

While it's rarely necessary to upgrade your Realogy IoT devices, often you will want to in order to take advantage of new features. It's incredibly simple to upgrade the Realogy IoT device software. Simply authorise the device to self-upgrade. 99% of the time, that's all there is to it! Should you prefer it, you can also authorise all your devices to upgrade automatically, which can make it even simpler.


Emphasis on security

Security has always been the #1 priority with Realogy IoT. It's rock solid and we think you'll find it one of the most secure IoT technology on the planet. Every bit of code and piece of electronic added to the Realogy IoT tools goes through a security review by the tools developer. The only control input to the IoT system is the Realogy IoT service platform, which places a built-in hard limit on introducing bugs and attack vectors. Inputs are at the discretion of the IoT system user, and Realogy IoT comes with a comprehensive suite of input safe commands. When it comes to IoT enablement of new things, Realogy IoT comes built-in with in-app software wizards and safety instructions that are required to be executed for any IoT enabler. The Realogy IoT service platform comes with a strong, highly configurable and granular access control system that grants access to the control functions of each IoT device only to authorised users.

Proven security

Realogy IoT (Realer service platform and Realino control device) powers IoT systems since 2018 (truthfully, Realer since March 2012 and Realino since January 2014). The technology is in constant development and continuous improvement, and we're here to stay. To date, there have been no major incidents or outages related to Realogy IoT. Our approach is "security by design", so we don't tolerate any security deficiency implicit in IoT technologies, including Realogy IoT. That's why we currently only give the Realogy IoT enabling tools to selected enablers (professionals we met in person). We want Realogy IoT to become established as one of the most stable and secure IoT technology that you can choose for enabling and powering IoT systems and applications. And to make that happen, we're looking for more corporate funding that supports further our research and development activity. Realogy IoT will always remain consistent and true to the original concept and tools, always staying up-to-date while ensuring timeless familiarity and reliability to IoT enablers and clients alike. Unlike other competitive companies that are racing to fill the IoT market space, we'll not market Realogy IoT at its full potential until security is 99.99% proven. Security first of all.

Community and support

Our community is the engine room for creating and disseminating practical, training and technological solutions that allow IoT enablers and clients to get on with Realogy IoT. You can always count on the enthusiasm and friendliness of our support team and the most experienced and skilled IoT enablers in the world. We are passionate about developing and enabling IoT systems and applications with Realogy IoT. Have a question about how to do anything with Realogy IoT? Visit our Help Centre or send us a message anytime, and we're happy to help.


Optimised for delivery speed

Realogy IoT isn't just about giving great value, but giving it quickly. There is no bloat in it. Realogy IoT maximises the IoT enablers performance and accelerates their processes when enabling IoT systems and applications. That's because Realogy IoT enabling tools are specifically designed to save time and energy, helping individuals and businesses to connect and make smart things faster than ever before. As a result, the time savings for enablement and delivery of a connected product by retrofitting it using the Realogy IoT tools can be up to 96% compared to competing solutions. Meaning, IoT enablers who use the Realogy IoT tools can get a fully functional and custom interconnected IoT system in about 3 hours, whereas people using other solutions can only achieve the same professional result in about 5 hours if not days due to non-optimised technology design for fast delivery.

Optional rapid industrial development

For larger scale needs, IoT devices and products enabled with Realogy IoT can be engineered for mass production, with reduced or no development overheads. We develop bespoke electronics and functions based on our proprietary technology, which reduces the time and costs for engineering mass customised, production ready hardware and software. This means Realogy IoT leads to rapid industrial IoT (IIoT), so IoT enabled products can reach even more people at a lower cost. Learn more about Realogy IoT for producers

Ideal for fast prototyping

Realogy IoT is a dream to work with for prototyping new IoT enabled things. Because it gives you ready to install IoT enabling tools with built-in advanced functionalities and doesn't assume anything about the things you connect, that means that you can focus on prototyping concrete control functions rather than some coding program functions. It allows for a perfect implementation of remote controlled things for dimming, switching and detecting functions with plug-and-play actuator and sensor modules. Basically, Realogy IoT is ideal for anything you can dream of to prototype your on-board control functions. In addition to the quality of control, a big factor is also the speed at which it can be delivered. Realogy IoT really shines here too. It comes with a dedicated IoT enablement app, which makes it possible to prototype a variety of control options with minimum technical knowledge and effort.


Devices that can do more

All control functions in Realogy IoT are provided by device modules. Each device module is either a core or a compatible module. While core modules are the central part of any device that provide basic functionality such as Internet connectivity and the offline user interface, compatible modules are extension electronics and electromechanics that provide sensing and actuation functions. Because both core and compatible modules come prefabricated with embedded software and in many types, IoT enablers can assemble them together quickly to build any kind of custom control device ready to be used as an IoT system component for connecting anything.

Resources without limitations

Resources in Realogy IoT are IoT devices, and you may use them as you wish. Whether you use them to monitor soil moisture, to open and close the garage door, to spy and eavesdrop, or to control something else, it's up to you. There is no limit to the number of resources you can use, and you may assign them to devices as you see fit. You might start with one sensor and later scale to hundreds, thousands and millions of devices. Each resource is assigned one or more devices that represent a smaller part of the system network.

Device relationships

Any given device may cross reference each other in a one-to-one or one-to-many relationship. This gives Realogy IoT the ability to function like a "social" device network on top of the IoT system. The user (or enabler of the IoT system), rather than the software, defines what these relationships are and how these work. This opens up an incredible amount of flexibility.

Visual editing interface

We suggest that most control functions be edited independently of IoT device context as a best practice to ensure its portability and longevity. This means editing control functions in an environment independent of eventual placement or design (a dedicated physical environment). You'll be glad to know that Realogy IoT comes with native, comprehensive and truly impressive visual editing features. It is a zero-code and self-service guided user interface, so you can configure your IoT system as needed, independently and with confidence. You can also decide for who, what and where you want to enable visual editing at a granular level, giving you the best of the IoT world.


Everything you want

Realogy IoT comes with everything you need to build anything you can dream of. And Realogy IoT does this without the bloat of other systems. It has everything you could need and nothing that you won't ever want. It comes native with plug-and-play device modules, the ability to visually customise their functions, and everything needed to create a full IoT system, just as examples. While Realogy IoT is comprehensive and complete, new commercially supported modules and features are always in development, and they can be excellent time savers for specific needs.

Quality visual editing

As your IoT system scales, automation can get complicated. More IoT devices are involved in the process, and users need a quick way to understand and configure the interconnected IoT system. Your system might get more complex, but your tools don't have to. Realogy IoT comes with a quality visual editing tool that makes editing device control functions easy and familiar for administrators. Realogy IoT's implementation is particularly comprehensive and configurable to cover just about any custom editing need. This allows you to envision your system automation in real-time, as you build. It also comes with custom built dialogs for helping in customisation. Realogy IoT allows you to have potentially dozens of visual edited control functions on a single page, should the need call for it.

Device dependencies

Given Realogy IoT's flexibility and scalability with custom control devices, there may be times where you want the state of a device to be dependent upon the state or value of another device. For instance, you could have a device called "Home boiler" that is switched on if a device called "Thermostat" outputs a value under 20 Celsius degrees. Or you could have a device called "Outdoor lighting" that is switched on if a device called "External daylight detector" outputs a value lower than 400 lux or if that device detects a movement. These are examples of device dependencies or input dependencies. You'll be glad to know Realogy IoT comes built-in with full support for device/input dependencies, adding greater flexibility, control and guidance to your IoT system.

IoT enablement app

Realogy IoT comes with a dedicated IoT enablement app. This guides you in assembling any custom devices, in installing them into, out of and around things, and then in making them configurable with extreme ease. The app includes a setup assistant and instructions to create any quantity of control functions for your IoT system. For even more possibilities as a professional IoT enabler, an optional payment processor is available in the IoT enablement app, allowing you to earn money by IoT enabling things for your clients.

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