Real Technologies Team

Sergio Lapenna

Founder & CEO
Eclectic entrepreneur with 10+ years' experience in ICT and IoT sectors

Enrico Meluziis

Marketing Manager
3+ years' experience in marketing and product management

Md Nazrul Islam

Full Stack Developer
8+ years' experience in FE & BE web and mobile apps development

Domenico Lapenna

Business Adviser
10+ years' experience in administrative and accounting activities

Luca Ruggiero

Technical Adviser
5+ years' experience as project manager and leader

Domenico Idone

Business Angel
10+ years' experience in LEAN startup process support

Vincenzo Fedele

Business Angel
35+ years' experience in management strategies and finance facilities

Lucio Steduto

Investor Accountant
5+ years' experience in startup business and international taxes
... and a network of engineers with skills in electronics and software characterised by innovative and entrepreneurial spirit.

Our core values

To our customers and to each other.
Everyone takes ownership.
Stay true to principles, challenge traditions.
We are team members, not employees.
Impose our will on marketplace.
Help enough people and the money will follow.
Overcome negatives up and spread positives all around.
We are faithful in the little things.
Accept and encourage criticism.
To each other and our customers.
Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

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