Real Technologies Story

The RT story begins in 2010 at Avellino, Southern Italy with a passionate automation engineering student, Sergio Lapenna. On his initiative to provide Internet users with an ICT solution for online resource management, Sergio designed the original web platform Realer (2012) used to self-organise URLs into categories and switching usage modalities to have immediate access to groups of websites as set by the user. The idea behind Realer was to combine the use of virtual and physical resources into one service, and so he built the first prototypes of the device Realino (2014) which allowed to remotely control simple home appliances through the Internet. Thus began the materialisation of Realogy.



Since then, the basic concepts and innovative tools have evolved into more complex systems with Internet of Things capabilities, and now there is a high interest in further developing Realogy to address the future Internet that will impact on our daily life in almost all of the application domains.

RT intends to follow up appropriately, in Europe and in the world.



The origin of the Real brand

Sergio has always wanted to create something extraordinary using the Internet and avoiding 'development without progress' — Pier Paolo Pasolini (1922-1975).

Going back to the 2000s, when Sergio was a young independent developer, he created websites for socializing (e.g. and philosophizing (e.g., among others. With all these websites on his plate, he often felt dissatisfied because there was something missing.

When Sergio started talking about his latest Internet project to his closest collaborators Domenico and Luca, he told them: "I want to make what happens in the virtual world to really happen in the physical world. I’m working on something that will impact the reality. What is needed is factual reality".

Hence the name Realer. "Realer could mean 'more real' and many other things, but I like to think of it as 'realizzatore' in Italian, because it physically realizes what people virtually decide", said Sergio when his collaborators asked him the reason for that unrecognised name.

The use of the word "real" for brand naming was a subsequent choice. The name Realino derived from the Arduino board with which the first remote control device was prototyped.

As for the name Realogy, it's the portmanteau word combining "Real" and "Technology".

Thanks for reading, and here's to make great progress!