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Realogy: IoT Producer

Why you'll love Realogy


Rapid industrial IoT enablement.

Setting up a connected device in laboratory should be as simple as repairing a device you created. With Realogy, you just add and replace components to have a connected device with remote control functionality ready to be engineered for mass production. So you can safely go to the market faster.

No hassle for departments.

IoT requires device and data security, and compliance and performance requirements, among others. Not to mention advanced technical training to your staff which can also be expensive. Why go through all this hassle, when you can just use Realogy?

Minimum investment for unique products.

How much time and money will you spent connecting your device? Imagine a device designed by people who hate to waste time and money as much as you do. Where all the hardware and software just works, and works well together. Get Realogy and get your device connected.

Rigorous about security.

Realogy adopts the "security by design" approach. This means that the state of the art secure development methods, from design to testing and verification, are used to build Realogy and derived products. So all the devices, systems, architectures, services and digital policies assure high quality, stability, predictability, reliability, efficiency, transparency and consumer protection.

Superior digital experiences.

As a producer, you should constantly look for opportunities to improve your products. More and more products come with built-in IoT technologies these days. With Realogy, you can turn your products — even the electromechanical products you already sold — into IoT devices for the way modern people use them, in connected and smart homes and cities.

Workflow optimisation.

With the integrated cloud infrastructure and other engineering solutions, Realogy enables new digital services for your products and your enterprise. Remote condition monitoring and diagnostics, and predictive, preventive and prescriptive maintenance are just the most common examples of the Business Intelligence that you can enable once your products connect using Realogy.

A strategic business asset.

Your product connected using Realogy means a digital touchpoint created with your customer. Why not delight your customers beyond their expectations with an automated and one-to-one support service available 24/7/365? Realogy is the path to delivering "customer delight" in ways that anyone else can match.

Your product catalog, doubled.

Connect each of your products with Realogy and you'll be able to impress your customers with your innovative marketing tool. You can even include multiple variations of the same connected products with built-in features and customisation options. With Realogy, you offer not only your traditional products but also their connected versions for boosting your sales.

Startup-style mentality.

Take Realogy and turn your products into connected, minimum viable products. Certify your connected products in a few days through the Realogy cyber security certification schemes. Then use the online Realogy marketplace and your sales channels to sell your connected products.

Pure design.

When Realogy is installed inside a device to make it connected, the only extra thing the users of your product will have outside is an elegant hardware user interface. And they will want to have only that for knowing that the product is connected and working, with two red and green LEDs, and the on/off and reset buttons with Braille code. Everything else your customers need will be available on the display of their smartphone, tablet and computer along with the virtual twin of your connected product.

Environmental sustainability.

From low-carbon materials and production methods to post-sale low-energy consumption management techniques, the Realogy tools and processes are engineered to reduce their environmental impact with optimal efficiency. With Realogy, you can even plan to renew the products you already rolled out and in use around the world to avoid their early disposal.

Only the necessary.

Your existing products already have the right number of components to work very well. Realogy provides you with a wide and varied choice of sensors, actuators and other electronic modules to simply replace the current components inside your product with their connected versions. So your connected products will include only the bare essentials for their perfect remote control.

Brilliant artificial intelligence.

What makes your connected products intelligent? You! Because you decide what intelligence is and how your products must be operationally intelligent once connected to the brain in the cloud servers, and also offline. Realogy allows you to make your connected products intelligent the way you want. And this even at the industrial level with the mass customisation.

Matter of survival.

You probably know that the IoT market is rapidly growing. Realogy allows you to easily enter the IoT market with your connected product. To this, add that your connected product will be sold worldwide even on the online Realogy marketplace and you'll definitely convince yourself that Realogy is the best way to make your company competitive in the digital revolution era.

Make expect the unexpected.

Today's digital customers are increasingly likely to interact with machines rather than with people. And the best way to make and keep them satisfied is by meeting their expectations. Often, they will expect more than you can do. Fortunately, it is now possible to deliver fully-fledged connected and smart products thanks to Realogy.

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