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Realino control device

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Realer service platform

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Realogy World Map
Realogy is simple


Requires minimal knowledge for its use and installation.
Realogy is fast


Allows significant time savings for installation.
Realogy is safe


Applies rational methods for its use and installation.
Realogy is convenient


Avoids purchasing new smart systems and investments in R&D.
Realogy is customizable


Provides options for different modes of use required by the user.
Realogy is customizable


Compatible for remote control of a variety of types of systems.

Who uses it


IoT Administrators

Householders and business owners for Smart Homes and Offices, and public authorities and governments for Smart Cities.

IoT Enablers

Enterprises employed in repair and installation of personal goods, household goods, machinery and equipment to connect and make smart house appliances, industrial machines, street furniture and much more.

IoT Producers

Manufacturers of electromechanical products such as household appliances, HVAC systems, measurement and safety systems, energy equipment and urban furniture for the Industrial IoT.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Realogy?

Realogy is a complete, easy and ready to install IoT technology to enable cyber-physical systems for personal use and for commercial and other business uses. By eliminating the need to develop any IoT function, Realogy allows rapid prototyping, engineering and delivering of IoT systems for many application domains.

With the Realogy IoT enabling tools you can smoothly and promptly connect things by doing it yourself or hiring a professional enabler to do it for you. Once connected, you can control your things wherever you are.

How does Realogy work?

Realogy leads IoT system and application Enablers to enable new cyber-physical systems for the IoT in a simple, fast and safe way. Enablers can focus on value-added capabilities for IoT systems and applications rather than to the most basic IoT requirements, and obtain profit from retrofitting and delivering successfully.

In this way, IoT innovation can be mutually beneficial for both the professional IoT Enablers and their clients that are end users. Infact, Enablers benefit from rapid implementation of cyber-physical systems on the basis of their knowledge, and final consumers benefit from performance, security and/or comfort improvement deriving from the daily use of such systems.

What can I connect with Realogy?

Basically, everything that is electromechanical such as home appliances, industrial machines, street furniture and much more can be connected. You can also build new electromechanical things and connect them using Realino.

What can I remote control with Realogy?

Everything you can connect with Realogy.

How can I connect things with Realogy?

How can I remote control things with Realogy?

Using the Realer service platform on your smartphone, tablet and computer to control things that integrates Realino.

Can I use Realogy for personal projects?

Yes, you can use Realogy to connect things around you provided your project is personal. That is, you can prototype your connected air conditioners, boilers, irrigation sprinklers and many more things by retrofitting them or creating new ones for your personal use only.

If you believe that your project using Realogy results in a product, service or solution that can be exploited commercially, contact us to certify your project for professional and industrial applications.

Can I use Realogy professionally?

Of course! You can connect things for your clients as a professional Enabler. For security reasons, you must follow precise instructions provided with Realogy in order to connect specific things.

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