IoT Enablers

A prerequisite that unleashes the potential of the Internet of Things (IoT) for the masses is the practical viability for IoT Systems and Applications Enablers to enable new Things to connect and communicate over the Internet. Enablers generate most of the innovative solutions for IoT and Internet enabled cyber-physical systems, as well as smart environments, which is what people first want.

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Who are IoT Enablers?

People who connect devices and systems to the Internet for personal use and for commercial and other business uses such as system installers, repairers, craftsmen, electricians, plumbers, designers, and do-it-yourselfers.
Who are IoT Systems and Applications Enablers

Why to be a professional IoT Enabler?

Work bag of IoT Enabler (icon)

Start or grow your business

You'll start your new business or grow your existing business by becoming a professional enabler of cyber-physical systems and IoT applications.
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Create added value for your clients

You'll make available advanced technologies and innovative solutions enabling your clients to take advantage of them.
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Enter the RT network of professionals

You'll participate in refresher courses and competitions for the award of innovative private and public contracts near you e.g. smart homes and cities projects.

Save time and energy

Increase your productivity to connect and make smart things with Realogy.


Connect things like a pro

With Realogy you bring home appliances, boilers, sprinklers, lights and much more to life. Smart guiding and intuitive tools help you easily and safely connect a wide variety of devices by doing it yourself. For you and your clients.
IoT Enabler with boiler (scene)

Earn money by connecting things

Make the most of your business by earning for each item you make smart for your clients. Work better in the world that is connecting with Realogy. The more you connect, the more you earn.

Set your innovative job

Offer new innovative services to your clients based on the traditional job you already do. You don't need further training but your smartphone and your work tools. With Realogy, this is already your job.

Don't worry about compliances

All your changes to the systems have been tested in laboratory and certified, as well as the Realogy tools. You can get your hands on them safely by following the step-by-step instructions on your smartphone.

Do more with your experience

Take your Realogy experience even further with Realino modules. Try installing sensors and actuators to create new connected objects. Your IoT solutions can be roll out internationally.

Become a Realogy licensed professional

Are you an electrician, a plumber, an architect, a decorator or a technical artist?

267 professionals chose Realogy

Simon Silver Caldaie - IoT SaA Installer
GF Service S.r.l.s. of Paolo Fiore - IoT SaA Installer
Abbate Veronica - IoT SaA Developer
Ing. Giuseppe Guerriero - IoT SaA Developer
Global di D’Angelo Gianni - IoT SaA Installer
Geom. Nicola Mario Fraccalvieri - IoT SaA Installer

IoT System and Application Installers

Realogy tools are used by installers who put their hands on machinery and equipment to make cyber-physical systems ready for use. Installers are best placed to offer their clients a wide range of IoT-enabled systems and applications such as smart home appliances and automation. They are the "IoT makers".

IoT System and Application Designers

IoT SaA designers are the "IoT planners". They can incorporate advanced design and smart technologies into all aspects of buildings and structures and into all assets included in these and in their surroundings, from heating and cooling to lighting and irrigation to security and resilience.

With Realogy you can

IoT air conditioners
Adapt old air conditioners and electric boilers to allow their remote control
IoT pressure gauge system
Arrange monitoring of the use of water, electricity and gas in houses, apartments and buildings
IoT shop facade with plants
Automate watering of plants and access to windows and doors in homes, offices and shops
IoT building
Regenerate heating and cooling systems of entire buildings for the rational use of energy
IoT water pipe
Activate protection plans for hydraulic and electrical systems of farms and similar activities
IoT vineyard
Provide control and actuation systems for optimal management of gardens and cultivated fields

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