A complete assortment of high tech products that enable the Internet of Things (IoT) opens the door to new opportunities in areas such as smart homes and offices. By physically moving towards final consumers, these products satisfy the growing demand for IoT technologies to modernise our society and economy.

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Why to partner

1.... 1 ... Create new revenue streams

You’ll sell innovative products to commercial intermediaries or directly to end users who want to benefit from the IoT.

2.... 2 ... Improve your economic performance

You'll maximise sales and profits by bringing IoT-enabling tools closer to where they are needed based upon just-in-time inventories.

3.... 3 ... Differentiate your business

You'll develop new types of offerings uncovering and addressing customer needs beyond simply selling more products.

Our Distributor Partners

Companies (wholesalers, traders, retailers, etc.) interested in operating Business to Consumer (B2C), Business to Business (B2B) and Business to Government (B2G) to guarantee an adequate range of Realogy products in specific geographical areas and to deliver them within a short time over all the areas in question.

Large Distribution Companies

National and multinational sales companies receive more and more requests from customers and partners who look to expand their offerings into the IoT market. A well-functioning and efficient Realogy supply chain ensures the delivery of IoT-enabling devices to smaller suppliers and retailers.

Small Distribution Companies

Retailers such as home, garden, electronic appliances and do-it-yourself stores make available Realogy directly to consumers and professionals. They are the places where the Realogy products go into the hands of people who want to unlock the full potential of IoT.

Distributor Partnership Program

The Distributor Partnership Program is an opportunity to drive new business models and relation with customers, an opportunity to plan the furniture of innovative products to shops and businesses, and an opportunity to make people to undertake activities for developing the society of the future.

We are excited to learn more about your distribution services, and the first step to become RT partner is to submit an application. Our Acceptance team reviews all potential applications and typically responds within a week upon submission. You will receive an email from a member of our team if you qualify for the program and hopefully next steps for enrollment.

Note: To be eligible for the Distributor Partnership Program, participants must have a minimum level of distribution services such as a physical store or an e-commerce website. Participants must also comply with RT’s Terms and Conditions.

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