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Internet of Things (IoT) is the next step towards the digitisation of our society and economy. In Europe, SMEs play a key role to generate the innovative solutions for the IoT, creating Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS) and smart environments for the benefit of citizens and businesses. However, when individuals (researches, makers, entrepreneurs, etc.) and industries (start-ups, tech companies, product manufacturers, etc.) engage in development and deployment activities, they struggle to find easy and ready to use tools for the rapid implementation of IoT Systems and Applications (SaA), especially because the existing tools are only suitable for ICT experienced people or based on expensive bespoke projects having a long implementation time.

The ENABLE-IoT project aims at allowing IoT SaA Enablers to plan, design, build and deploy commercial, high-quality IoT systems and applications, giving them user-friendly, flexible and widely usable electronic subsystems and services to implement CPS products for the IoT. The goal is to enable a more agile operating mode for the timely and cost-effective deployment of IoT-enabled CPSes by retrofitting, while reducing risks associated with the delivery of complex IoT solutions. Enablers of CPSes will benefit from rapid implementation and industrialisation of such systems, and final consumers will benefit from security, performance and/or comfort improvement deriving from their daily use.

ENABLE-IoT fits into the overall objective of Real Technologies (RT) to materialise the key building blocks of the IoT that would create the right conditions for IoT innovation and ensure the transition from lab to market by quality standards. Motivated by the market growth and opportunities for improvement within the IoT sector, RT will contribute to the development and deployment of new IoT products and services in Europe and outside across two lead market segments: Smart Homes and Smart Cities.

Smart Homes

Realogy for home security, energy applications and household appliances

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Smart Cities

Realogy for social, environmental and economic benefits

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