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A prerequisite that will unleash the potential of the Internet of Things (IoT) for the masses is the practical viability for IoT Systems and Applications (SaA) developers and enablers to enable new Things to connect and communicate over the Internet. SaA developers and enablers generate most of the innovative solutions for IoT and Internet enabled cyber-physical systems (CPSes), as well as smart environments, which is what people first want. At this stage, we are recruiting individuals (makers, engineers, architects, etc.) and organisations (tech companies, systems integrators, innovation communities, etc.) interested in exploiting R-TEC to create derivative works for commercial purposes (IoT-enabled CPS products), enhance research and innovation in key areas of application (Smart Homes and Smart Cities) and introduce new ideas across the industry sectors (e.g. Smart Manufacturing), which should strongly contribute to addressing European/global objectives, including climate change and benefits to society.

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