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Real Technologies di Sergio Lapenna (RT) is a technology SME founded in Avellino, Italy, and launched in 2014 with the mission of designing, building and delivering Internet-based solutions for every need of control and automation. Thanks to research and development in the field of the Internet of Things, today we offer the REAL TECHNOLOGY (R-TEC), a heterogeneous ICT technology that allows people to create and manage Things connected to the Internet. Our R-TEC combines smart, embedded electronics with ubiquitous, programmable services, integrating the control device REALINO® into electromechanic-based systems to provide remote-control functionalities through the service platform REALER®.
Internet to perceive, connect and contribute to the reality at the current, past and future state.
Design, build and deliver Internet-based solutions for every need of control and automation.
(current project)
Smart, Sustainable & Certified Tools for Enabling IoT Systems and Applications.
The Real Technologies' team

Sergio Lapenna

Founder & CEO at RT

ENABLE-IoT Project Owner


Domenico Lapenna

Co-founder of RT

ENABLE-IoT Business Manager


Luca Ruggiero

Co-founder of RT

ENABLE-IoT Project Manager

... and a network of engineers with skills in electronics and software characterised by innovative and entrepreneur spirit.

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